Peter O'Mara - With-Within-Without

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Peter O‘Mara has put together a very special work, conciously emphasizing the sound of his acoustic guitar. The seductive, delicate tones of this instrument have moved him to create a lyrical, vivd statement; to devise a light but powerfull music, that flows like a river and carries us along on a warm wave. O‘Mara found two partners who harmonize perfectly with his musical vision: Michael Hornek (keyboards and percussion) andHenning Seiverts (bass). The three musicians make use of technological possibilities, like sampling and multitrack recording, to conciously expand their limits. The ability of the trio to maintain their intimacy is owning to their common musical sense of sound, of space and for the atmospheric dimension of their music. The colorfull sound-collage extends from well-organized melodies to the shores of abstraction; from lively percussion acrobatics to majestic harmonics. The sound of this trio is cut from of a valuable material: smooth and closely woven, timeless; all superficiality is avoided. Music of intoxicating sensuosness.

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recorded: 1999
time: 62:38
Musicians: Peter O'Mara: acoustic guitars & sequencer-programming Michael Hornek: piano, samples & percussion Henning Sieverts: contrabass & cello

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