Adamas Historic Reissue Phosphor-Bronze Roundcore (uncoated)

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Phosphor Bronze, uncoated

Roundcore strings are wound by hand. Not only do they achieve a longer life, but they also offer a very pleasant playing feel due to a lower string tension. Sound-wise, Roundcore strings are noticeable for their longer sustain, with a balanced sound rich in overtones.

AKUSTIK GITARRE writes about this in issue 4-2020: "In practice, it is positively noticeable how musically the strings react to the touch in terms of dynamics and timbre. The measurably longer sustain, the rich basses and the warm, resonant sound with balanced brilliance are also a great pleasure. Even tuning by ear is subjectively easier, possibly strings with a round core produce more harmonious overtones; the strings also effortlessly handle regular retuning."

»» HERE you can download the complete test report from AKUSTIK GITARRE

Important note: Roundcore strings must never be shortened before being strung on the guitar, this will render the string unusable.



Available in different gauges and as a set especially for DADGAD tuning - please select the desired gauge above!

10-47 Extra Light: .010 .014 .023 .030. 038 .047 (1717RC)

11-52 Super Light: .011 .015 .023 .032 .042 .052 (1749RC)

12-53 Light: .012 .015 .023 .032 .044 .053 (1818RC)

13-56 Medium: .013 .016 .025 .035 .047 .056 (1919RC)

DADGAD-Tuning: .013 .017 .024 .032 .042 .056 (2020RC)

12-String Extra Light: .010/.010, .014/.014, .023/.010, .030/.014, .038/.018, .047/.027 (1616RC)


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