K&K Pure Mini Classic Pickup for Classical Guitar

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If you don't like piezo pickups because of their harsh tone, if the magnetic pickups sound too electrical, then you should try listening to the Pure Mini pickups with contact sound pickups.
Contact sound pickups have their own special sound esthetics – the sound of the K&K Pure Mini is warm, somewhat mid-range, and accentuates the woody sound parts. Technically, the system is mature, i.e., it delivers a clean signal at a high level.
Practical: the Pure Mini requires no batteries and no complicated modifications to the guitar. The user merely has to drill a hole in the guitar in order to install the endpin jack in the location of the strap button. Three little plates pick up the sound. They need to be glued under the pin bridge inside the guitar. The three connecting wires in their harnesses terminate in the endpin jack. The bridge itself, therefore, is not modified in any way. The position of the strings remains the same as well, which is a definite advantage over piezo bridge pickups.
Thanks to an exhaustive installation guide, the technically able layman or –woman with drill and tool practice should be able to install the pickup.


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