Pete Berryman & Adrian O'Reilly - Duet

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Pete Berryman and Adrian O'Reilly, two titans of the British acoustic guitar scene, have come together as a truly formidable duo on "Duet". The two grand old masters of the steel-string guitar produce music of such humor and energy on this 50-minute album, that one might suspect them being under the influence of some secret, stimulating tinctures brewed from an old Celticherb garden – not such a far-fetched idea considering both men come from Cornwall. But in spite of the clearly audible "Celtic moments", it's no doubt the unbuttoned swing of this breathtaking twosome that gives "Duet" its indelible stamp. Whether it be slightly folkloristic blues, ragtime-style or rather jazzy numbers, Berryman's and O'Reilly's approach is filled with such verve as if steel-string playing had been born in Cornwall and the legendary "Blue Note" might also have originated there. It would be hard to deny that the two performers on "Duet" go about their business with a certain degree of youthful impetuousness. On the other hand, bear in mind that you do need two grand old masters (see above) on steel strings to deliver such subtle duo work with such ease ...

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recorded: 1997/98
time: 47:03
Musicians: Pete Berryman: acoustic guitar Adrian O’Reilly: acoustic guitar

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