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Our International Guitar Night has been travelling as an annual tour for 32 years now. Four different musicians from different countries come together on stage to play individually and together. The concept has proven itself and is often copied.

It all started in the early 90s, when the acoustic scene was actually at rock bottom and there was hardly any audience left for this type of music. We already had numerous international guitarists on the Acoustic Music label, and the question arose as to how we could help these musicians, most of whom were little known here, to become better known.
could. With poorly attended concerts by solo musicians, this would take a very long time. The internet was not yet fully developed and YouTube did not yet exist. That's when the idea of the International Guitar Night came about, where any musician could present themselves. Four musicians with different approaches, styles and backgrounds, playing individually but also together - that seemed like an exciting and entertaining concert idea. No famous names were needed, as the concept itself was exciting enough to arouse the curiosity of a larger audience. And it worked ... Since the start of the International Guitar Night, there has been a different line-up every year, so it's always exciting. Of course, there are now other ways of publicising musicians. However, we (and our regular audience) enjoy the tours so much that we are continuing the idea of the International Guitar Night and will be on tour again next November. We will also be in regular contact with our customers and subscribers, where we can exchange ideas, accept suggestions or simply talk about music. We hope that the atmosphere remains the same, as well as the curiosity and desire to enjoy a relaxed evening of acoustic guitar music. Nothing beats the live experience, both for musicians and listeners. 
I can't wait to see what surprises 2024 will bring.

Best regards from Osnabrück

Peter Finger


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