Gregor Hilden

Gregor Hilden



Gregor Hilden, Foto: Pollert
photo: Manfred Pollert



Blues, soul, rocking interludes and groovy jazz are on the programme of Münster guitarist Gregor Hilden. With countless performances and numerous CDs and a live DVD under his own name, he has been active in the scene for a long time and has now also become internationally recognised. The specialist magazine "Gitarre und Bass" has devoted several features to him, pointing out influences from Peter Green and Larry Carlton and describing his playing as "economical, flexible and elegant". This characterises Hilden's music - a blend of blues, jazz and soul - very aptly.

Hilden's playing is not dependent on attributes such as "better", "faster" or "more spectacular", but rather impresses with a soulful style that is not characterised by pigeonholing, but has highly individual notes. The musician also emphasises this on his latest CDs.

The electric guitar is the "voice" of the mainly self-written tracks, all of which reflect the protagonist's diverse stylistic interests: Blues, funk, jazz, soulful pop and R&B. But the musical arc that Hilden spans is comprehensive: bouncy, singing guitar lines meet crisp funk rhythms, swinging phrasings meet atmospheric ballads and rousing grooves.

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