Jacques Stotzem

photo: Manfred Pollert


Jacques Stotzem combines polished and highly individual playing technique with a delicate sense for the right melody. His virtuosity as a finger-style guitarist is always placed at the service of music, his fine-tuned sense for pauses and dynamics enable his pieces to breathe and speak directly to the listener. Aficionados of acoustic guitar music on the lookout for variation and individualism at the same time will be well served: the gentleness of a ballad is followed by the earthy quality of a blues, and the quiet smile of an impish rag is followed by the colorful passion of jazzy harmonies. All of this is cemented together by Stotzem‘s perfect command of the instrument and by his optimistic personality. Indeed the music of this Belgian guitarist is as unmistakable as a fingerprint. His guitar-playing colleague Larry Coryell described Jacques as follows: “What he plays is pure music. As an instrument he uses the guitar, which he knows very, very well.”


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