Falk Zenker

Falk Zenker / Foto: Guido Werner

An imaginative sound painter

Falk Zenker is a lyrical raconteur who succeeds in painting pictures of unbelievable beauty and intensity using free and experimental sounds. His music sweeps us off into a world of pulsating rhythms, distant, ephemeral beauty and severe, dark shadows. Zenker leaves the horizon of pure guitar behind him and enters a musical realm caught between fiery intensity and meditative serenity. In addition to the nylonstring guitar, Zenker also plays an electric guitar, fretless guitar, calimba, grass harp and overtone pipes, various percussion instruments, and he works with electronic effects. (Photo: Guido Werner)


More about Falk Zenker:

Website & Tourtermine: www.falk-zenker.de
Facebook: www.facebook.com/falk.zenker
YouTube: www.youtube.com/user/FalkZenker


'Making Of'-Video of his CD "Falkenflug:
(in german language. The CD is available »» HERE )




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