Finn Olafsson - Acoustic Guitar 2 (CD)

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"When I recorded the first "Acoustic Guitar" album in 1980 it was my hope to soon to follow it up with an "Acoustic Guitar Vol. 2" - another acoustic solo album - preferably entirely solo. For various reasons, however, I decided in 1981 to record an acoustic and electric album - "Elements". A few years later, I started working as a duo with Anders Roland, and so the idea was shelved. It is hard to fathom how twenty-four years came to pass, but woth this CD, my original intent has been fulfilled. [...]."


Finn Olafsson


Eine CD von Olafssongs Musikforlaget, Græsted, Denmark.

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aufgenommen: 2002-2003
Spielzeit: 54:55

Finn Olafsson: acoustic guitar

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