Schultheiß, Axel

Axel Schultheiß

Axel Schultheiß

Magical Ballads

There have always been exciting attempts at fruitful cooperation of acoustic-guitar music and electronics. But rarely ever have they been made by a fingerstyle player as experienced and deep as Axel Schultheiß, who often will not be contented with the pure sound of steelstrings on spruce and rosewood – although he can easily mesmerize his audience or exhort them to dance with just his guitar. Be it Don-Ross-like percussive groove, meditative trips down phantasy lane with electronically enhanced sounds and loops, or simply magical ballads with a natural guitar sound – the man who has contributed the score to countless TV films and features seems to draw on almost endless ways of touching the listener on so many different levels. But the trademark of whatever he does is meticulous attention to an immaculate beauty of his wide soundscapes.



Shifted Times from his book "Kreative Wege"



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