Tagliani, Pedro

Pedro Tagliani

Pedro Tagliani

Ao vento
Pedro Tagliani is known as an expert in, and skilled interpreter of, Brazilian music. And beyond that, he is also considered a remarkable virtuoso of the strings, who uses his instrument to fuse traditional Brazilian music with elements from universal guitar jazz. He demonstrates this on his new album „Ao Vento“, with a performance that combines special lightness, playful agility, fiery rhythms and elegant tone. With „Ao Vento“, Pedro Tagliani has managed to produce a masterpiece, which has earned the highest respect and may be described as a timelessly beautiful reference work of contemporary Latin-American guitar art.

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Pedro Tagliani - Ao vento

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This Brazilian guitarist, composer and arranger has diverse interests: He has played with top guitarists like Ruben Gomes, Ahmed El-Salamouny and Egberto Gismonti, can be heard live in numerous ensembles featuring all manner of instruments, has worked as a studio guitarist on various top CDs and is a welcome guest performer at all renowned festivals.
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