Our catalogue 2020



Times are a-changin'...


There’s a generation of fans of acoustic guitar music that enjoys being away from the computer and spending evenings on the sofa browsing through a magazine or a catalogue. It’s not the same as staring at a PDF file on a screen, we realize that. Nevertheless, we decided to publish our new catalogue digitally.

It means less pleasure leafing through printed matter, on the other hand, there are some advantages. For one, we are avoiding being a burden on the environment by producing and printing of tons of paper. It also saves money on manufacturing and shipping costs that we would rather invest in new projects. The biggest advantage, though, is that we have become more flexible, since we can update our catalogue if we need to make changes, add things, or announce special offers. 

In the long run, though, we want to continue enlarging the catalogue and making it more informative. For example, we can then provide links to additional information, like tour dates, video clips, workshops, and so on. The opportunities are really endless, but they should not create disorder, either. In our regular newsletter, we will naturally continue highlighting special novelties and reveal, as usual, our tour dates, workshops and special events.

We look forward to your reaction.

Best regards from Osnabrück,

Peter Finger

»» download it HERE as a PDF-file (ca. 22 MB)