Uwe Kropinski & John Stowell - Picture In Black And White

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Acoustic guitar (White) meets his electric counter-part (Black), Black and White feel that they are ideally suited to each other, and decide therefore spontaneously to produce a CD. What's the result? A fascinating black and white image, as the title says, which could certainly fit in the "fusion" drawer between Metheny and Scofield, but which has also clinched itself a topmost rank thanks to its intimate and unusual pairing up. Anyone with some imagination might have thought that this was – or at least resembled – the genesis of this, and they would not have been so far off the mark. It was not Mr. White and Mr. Black, of course, but acoustic virtuoso Uwe Kropinski and his equally impressive colleague John Stowell on electric guitar who met for a tête-à-tête in the studio. The rest, especially where the music is concerned, is absolutely true.

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recorded: 1995
time: 57:34
Musicians: Uwe Kropinski: acoustic guitar John Stowell: electric guitar

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