Various Artists - Music of the Ovimbundu

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This current CD is a snapshot of the musical development of the Ovimbundu people in Angola. These previously unreleased recordings originate from the period between September 1971 and March 1972, the final phase of Portuguese colonialism in Africa. Shortly after Angola won its independence, a civil war broke out in 1974, devastating wide regions of the country. Many areas of the traditional culture now appear to be lost forever. This CD offers a look at the changing traditional music culture of Africa. In addition to authentic forms and sounds, the influences resulting from contact with European culture can also be clearly heard. The resulting musical forms and instruments, of which some are certain to have disappeared without a trace by now, have been documented here. Archaic instruments like the ground bow, mouth bow and scraped bow can be heard on this CD. At the same time, the "modern" quality of the music sung to these old instruments is quite astonishing, virtually creating a strong sense of where jazz and rock have their roots. The musical instruments imported from Europe such as the recorder, guitar and fiddle are unusual in the way that they have been integrated into African music by modifying their construction. The development of modern African pop music can already be recognized in the guitar pieces. It's only natural that the drums, marimba and African thumb piano play a large role here. The women and girls sing alternating vocals harmonized in several voices, which sounds particularly impressive.

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recorded: 1971/72
time: 57:51

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