Sándor Szabó - Gaia And Aries

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Sándor Szabó is a truly gifted traveller between the eastern and western world of music. His compositions connect orient and occident just like the famous bridge across the Bosporus, with a much more airy touch of course. The known and unknown are so close together in Szabó’s music as one string of the guitar is to the other, managing such an incredible togetherness that makes it nearly impossible for the listener to withdraw from. Szabó moreover posesses the rare skill to tell tales, to create a new musical universe with only the fewest notes involved. Szabó’s sometimes almost minimalistic approach definitely grabs the audience’s full attention, rewarding the listener with a most intense sensuousness that can only hardly be paralleled. An important part in this ever exciting revelation plays Szabó’s unusual set of instruments, that – besides the standard version of the guitar – also includes eight-string and even sixteenstring makes. A rarely to be heard delicacy can be found on “Gaia and Aries” with the eightstring fretless guitar that not only comes with its very own sound, but is also highly in demand for a perfect guitar virtuoso. Needless to say that Szabó answers not only this rare bird’s challenge with outstanding mastery.

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recorded: 1998
time: 50:33

Sándor Szábo: 6-string classical guitar, 8-string Romanek classical guitar, 16-string Romanek guitar, 8-string fretless guitar

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