Woody Mann & Bob Brozman - Get Together

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When these two guitarists were about to go into the studio, they were still a bit concerned if they would really harmonize as well as their premonitions had predicted. By the time the recording was finished they were more than satisfied. Rightly so. This CD is a double milestone. It is, in any event, one of the most musically expressive accoustic guitar-duo CDs. And it is a recording, which, in its unique way, is rooted in tradition while pointing toward the future. Every audible note of music on „Get Together“ is drenched in blues. „Blues is our broadest common denominator. That gives us the security to play everything else as well,“ explains Woody Mann. That‘s the base from which the two set off to explore music between Hawaii, Chicago and Europe, lighting upon swing and fado, and upon blues, gospel, jazz and gypsy music. The borders between solo and accompaniment, improvisation and composition melt into one another, are rendered meaningless through the effortless flow of musical ideas and the mutual trust of both musicians.

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recorded: 1999
time: 42:14

Woody Mann: acoustic guitar Bob Brozman: acoustic guitar

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