Jacques Stotzem - Connections

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His production „Connections“ also reveals the whole range of his sound horizon. In order to get aquainted with his dynamic spectrum, here‘s a tip: try the cuts „Zimmer 13“ and „Une Part De Soi“. The first being a hefty, driving blues piece with muted bass-riffs and substantially phrased melody, the second piece a majestically flowing ballad played on a nylon-string accoustic guitar. Stotzem has been devloping. Not necesarily technically - he‘s already proven his perfection in that area. No it‘s more his personal „voice“ and message upon which he‘s concentrated. There‘s not a superfluous or unmotivated note on „Connections“. Stotzem has penetrated even deeper into the depths of music and reveals not only his talent as a solo-guitarist, but also shows his ability to „communicate“ with his musical partners. „Séquenzes Bleues“ is a beautiful duet with Thierry Crommen on the harmonica and Stotzem on the acoustic slide-guitar. Playing together with the jazz-guitarist Jacques Pirotton, whose floating bell-like riffs weave around Stotzem‘s steelstring harmonies, the Belgian guitarist also shows himself to be an incredibly adept accompanist. „Connections“ is a masterpiece of guitar music that will surely help to further build up his good reputation.

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recorded: 1999
time: 48:12
Musicians: Jacques Stotzem: acoustic guitar Jacques Pirotton: electric guitar Thierry Crommen: harmonica

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