Baba Jam Band - Dost Kervani

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BABA JAM combine elements from the traditional music of the Balkans with jazz and rock, employ oriental and western acoustic and electric instrumentation, mix the old with the new. This band, which has gathered about the Turkish multi-instrumentalist and singer Kazim Çalisgan has been working in changing configurations for the past 10 years and has found its personal style in combination with these diverse musical influences. On the CD "Dost Kervani", the quartet and two additional musicians play imaginative and colorful arrangements of traditional melodic bases and thus create exciting own compositions using complex Balkan rhythms, oriental scales and jazzy harmonies. The very rhythmic works that arise , ballads and atmospheric sonorous tableaux complement each other in such a way as to form a contrasting ensemble that nevertheless appears as a whole. The great number of instruments used (saz, cümbüs, violin, guitar, E bass, piano, keyboards, percussion, trumpet, saxophone, bass clarinet and voice) allows for diverse and fascinating combinations that makes "Dost Kervani" a multifaceted listening pleasure.

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recorded: 1999
time: 50:26
Musicians: Kazim Çalisgan: saz, cümbüs, darbuka, talking drum, davul, vocals Andreas Heuser: violin, guitars Bettina Hagemann: violin, bass, percussion Frank Ollertz: piano, keyboards, drums, trumpet Gilda Razani: soprano saxophone Bernd Jakob: bassclarinet

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