MAM - Musical Landscapes

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MAM consists of Viviane Arnoux (accordion, vocals) and François Michaud (violin, vocals). These two young French musicians are accompanied throughout this live recording by Alain Grange (cello) and Sylvain Pignot (drums and percussion). This quartet delivers such unusual, bubbling, vivacious music, that it will be difficult for the listeners not to show their enthusiasm. Is it jazz? Is it folk? MAM has severed its ties with all clichés, and with a light step crosses all geographical and musical boarders, redefining the term “world music” from a wholly new perspective. “Jazz du monde” is what the musicians call their craft, and they indeed knead together all the influences that they have encountered in a multicultural metropolis like Paris. The outcome is a vigorous tour-de-force spanning musette waltzes, Irish reels, African rhythms and Latin American folklore. The four musicians process all these facets in their own specific way – the result defies all forms of simple categorization. Musical traditions are taken seriously, only to be thrown overboard with lots of humor around the next turn. Anyone who has a good feeling for humorous music performed with a high degree of technique and entertainment will be fully satisfied by this live recording by MAM.

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Musicians: Viviane Arnoux: accordion,vocals Francois Michaud: violin, viola, vocals Alain Grange: violoncello Sylvain Pignot: drums, percussion

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