Eddie Nünning & Lara Schallenberg - From A Wooden House

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These two must really love their songs. It’s the only way to explain the intensity and the magical aura of these recordings. On “From A Wooden House,” Eddie Nünning, a master guitarist of orchestral power, and Lara Schallenberg, a singer with a voice of many colors, interpret an artfully mixed repertoire of pop, rock, folk and Americana. Lara Schellenberg's girlish voice, covering the entire vocal expressive repertoire from gentle whisperings to stark overtones, sails above Eddie Nünning’s grandiose textures made acoustic and electric guitar sounds. Deep-seated mutual understanding between these two musicians and perfect interplay create a seldom encountered musical concentration. Nünning and Schallenberg lterally adopt the compositions (of Sting, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor and Tom Waits, amongst others) and extract an as of yet unheard musical essence from them. In short: an intimate and ideal pairing that opens up a new universe in the joining of guitar and voice.

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recorded: 2007
time: 46:39
Musicians: Lara Schallenberg: vocals Eddie Nünning: guitar

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