Caçamba – Dito Cujo

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When four highly talented soloists on various instruments and from different nations get together, it produces, among other things, a homogenous ensemble with a fascinating radiance. That’s what happens with Caçamba: The Brazilian acoustic guitarist Victor da Costa and the Belgian jazz guitarist Boris Gaquere encounter the Brazilian saxophonist and flautist Cláudio Rocha de Almeída and the Mexican percussionist Osvaldo Hernandez – a fabulous quartet is born whose debut album, “Dito Cujo”, invites listeners to discover a kaleidoscopic musical cosmos.
Caçamba manages to cast the tradition of Brazilian music, contemporary South American modern and borrowings from North American jazz into a perfectly independent mold. In the process, the two guitar specialists produce interesting harmonic turns of phrase, wonderful chords, melodic lines and lavish ornamentation. The ensemble gets “Dito Cujo” to truly radiate with perfectly original formal and musical language. It’s a debut work that promises lots more: because Caçamba will surely be drawing from this refreshing well for years to come.

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recorded: 2011
time: 55:17:00

Victor da Costa: electric guitar
Boris Gaquere: acoustic guitar
Cláudio Rocha: saxophones, flute
Osvaldo Hernandez: percussion

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