Peter Autschbach & Samira Saygili • Sweeter Than Honey

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The duet made up of Peter Autschbach and Samira Saygili makes music that is both captivating and full of feeling, and at the same time extremely entertaining. These two artists prove their mettle with their brimming joy at playing and their irresistible charm.

Whenever Peter Autschbach takes up his guitar, you can be assured of sheer pleasure. His international workshops are always booked out, his instruction manuals are very successful, and his numerous and brilliant compositions are a valuable contribution to the guitar world.
Samira Saygili, for her part, always hits the bull's eye with each of her deeply felt and expressive notes. When she sings, her warm and powerful voice inevitably conjures a smile on the faces of her audience.

On their first joint album, “Sweeter Than Honey”, Peter Autschbach and Samira Saygili offer a top-notch musical dialogue produced by a unique blend of voice and guitar. The music is a partially made up of well-known melodies that the two imbue with their own personal coloring. Other songs have been written and composed by themselves, and they are in no way less worthy than the classics. The result is music that is outstandingly infectious, even the slow ballads.


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recorded: 2018
time: 58:51

Peter Autschbach: guitars
Samira Saygili: vocals

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