Michael Fix - Play with Feeling (Music Score & DVD)

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Living in Brisbane, Australian guitarist Michael Fix is not only a gifted musician, but also a welcome guest on the international stage. Originally influenced by musicians such as Chet Atkins, he quickly found his own style, which touches both the mind and the heart. Anyone lucky enough to see Michael Fix live does not forget the experience. Each year, his tours have become more successful.

Expressive playing separates the professional from the novice. Ballads especially demand expression. Fortunately the techniques to accomplish this can be learned. Sometimes we can give expression to our playing with general techniques such as vibrato or slides. Sometimes it can also be the spaces between the notes – the pauses – that give the performance a certain something that captivates the listener. The trick is to know where to place those moments of reflection. Michael Fix demonstrates by performing three of his most beautiful ballads, explaining as he applies expression and feeling to the pieces. The degree of difficulty is not high. There are no fast runs or any other technical hurdles. Michael goes slowly, bar by bar, and provides insight and illumination – and those unique moments of understanding. How easy it can be to be a soulful player!


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