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If you hear the Hungarian guitarist Sándor Szabó for the first time, you will think that you are discovering the guitar completely anew during every listening minute. You will be fascinated as you discover that Szabó doesn't simply let us have a glimpse of foreign tonal worlds and cultures through some tiny windows. Instead, he draws us into his own musical macrocosm in a gentle but all the more compelling manner. And there is truly much to be discovered here: inspiration from the Near East and Far East, a new awareness of his own Hungarian traditions of folk music, classical concepts of form, as well as much, much space for the free flow of thoughts and ideas - improvisation. Not only is Szabó's musical vocabulary unusual: in addition to the "conventional" guitar, the Hungarian also plays instruments with 8, 10 or even 16 strings and frequently relies on custom-made designs with a special "Eastern" sound. Szabó succeeds in something that is a rare feat in music: he astonishes the listener, he is the seducer who every listener with a slight penchant for what is special is only all too willing to follow.

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recorded: 1997
time: 48:13
Musicians: Sándor Szábo: 6-string classical guitar, 16-string acoustic guitar, 8-string classical guitar, 8-string fretless guitar, zither

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