Various Artists - Acoustic Guitar Made In Japan

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Only very few living outside the Asian hemisphere will probably be aware of Japan’s very rich and most vivid acoustic guitar scene. Those among us who have already had a kick for acoustic guitar music may have come across famous Isato Nakagawa, the unequaled “magician of melody”. Nakagawa, however, only marks the top of the Asian iceberg. While on tour in Japan for several times Peter Finger had the unique opportunity to meet many of those remarkably talented guitarists in the land of the rising sun and, what’s even more important, to hear them play. It was then when he decided to take that music with him to Europe and make it available on “Made In Japan”. This record is one of the very rare occasions to join another culture without having to put on a completely new pair of shoes. We are convinced to listen to the customary - but while we are still getting absorbed by these lovely tunes we’ve already reached foreign shores, stretching out comfortably. Travelling abroad has never been more delightful, so sit back, listen and enjoy!

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recorded: 1994-1999
time: 50:30
Musicians: Isato Nakagawa: acoustic guitar Michio Ogawa: acoustic guitar Masaaki Kishibe: acoustic guitar Shun Komatsubar: acoustic guitar Hiroaki Sasaki: acoustic guitar

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