Ton van Bergeyk - Famous Ragtime Guitar Solos

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Sheet music and tablatures are available as PDF files on the CDs.

In the 1970s, there was a label that was very much like Acoustic Music. The head of the label, Stefan Grossman, was one of the pioneers of the folk-blues movement and he attracted the elite of the international fingerstyle guitarists.

When Kicking Mule records was founded, all those acoustic guitar players finally found a home. the vinyl record covers contained the sheet music/tablatures for people wanting to play the works themselves. This gave rise to a whole new generation of young guitarists. The high quality of the music back then never ceases to amaze, especially when you consider
that around 35 years have passed by now. Thirty-five years during which new stars have appeared on the guitar firmament and have, in some cases, disappeared again. We would like to pay homage to those grand old days and present some of the almost forgotten masterpieces of that time. 
And what‘s more: the sheet music and tablatures will be available as PDF files on the CDs.


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recorded: 1973
time: 37:43

Ton van Bergeyk: guitar

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