Philipp Wiechert & Sönke Meinen - PhiliSöphical Journey

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Two brand new musicians have arrived on the scene with their debut album. Sönke Meinen, who, as a teenager already, made it to the finals of the Open Strings Festival guitar competition – studied guitar in Dresden in the meantime and met up with Philipp Wiechert there. The names Philipp and Sönke soon amalgamated to form the duo “PhiliSöphen”.

Even if their role models, like Tommy Emmanuel or Buster B. Jones, are clearly audible in their music, the two musicians have a clearly personal handwriting. They practice and play almost obsessively, as if their life depended on it – and they still manage to sound relaxed in the process. This is no doubt a gift of their youth, the ability to mix styles in a carefree manner. For example, the CD features an Irish reel (that is called a “Rööl” here as a tip of the hat to the band’s name) next to a gypsy swing tune, and it all sounds logical.

And it is this relaxed quality that makes the music sound fresh. The listener gets a strong feel for the enthusiasm of these two guitarists, who give everything, know everything, and want to show everything.

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recorded: 2012
time: 45:38
Musicians: Sönke Meinen: acoustic guitar
Philipp Wiechert: acoustic guitar

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