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Online Concerts - as a gift voucher!








Our online concerts - as a gift voucher!

Would you like to make someone happy?  A concert evening  - that can be enjoyed at home in comfort without having to get all dressed up?

No problem, just give that person our online concerts! For this purpose, you do not obtain your codes by e-mail as usual, but instead genuine admission tickets for the number of concerts you have ordered. You will find a valid access code on each individual ticket that can be redeemed for each desired online concert. The person receiving the gift can then spontaneously select one of our concerts at any time!

As always, you receive these vouchers for 1, 3 or 10 concerts - please select the desired number on this page below.

Our prices:

1 concert: € 5,-
3 concerts: € 10,-
10 concerts for just € 30,-

You're not bound to any particular concert, but have complete freedom of choice. With the subscription, you simply purchase 10, 5 or 1 access code, with each of which you can view one concert.
Please refer to our regular newsletters for the upcoming concert dates. 



Coming soon:

Bjørn Berge · Dave Goodman · Evgeni Finkelstein · Michael Fix & Adam Rafferty · Franco Morone · Steve Hicks & Lynn Goulbourn · Itamar Erez · Walter Lupi · Markus Segschneider


And we'll also be repeating concerts with:
Steve Hicks & Gil Goulbourn · Trio Escolaso · Dave Goodman · Evgeni Finkelstein · Michael Fix/Adam Rafferty (Konzert 2011) · Franco Morone ·Jens Kommnick · Jacques Stotzem (live at Lutherhaus, 2010)