Hommage à Marcel Dadi

13 unforgettable tunes - played by 13 masters of fingerstyle guitar


8164_mlHe was one of the influential figures on the acoustic music scene. With his technique and performance style, Marcel Dadi inspired an entire generation of musicians. What could make more sense, then, than paying musical tribute to this artist posthumously, twenty years after his death in July 1996, by devoting a special album to him. 

Thirteen musically unimpeachable giants give an impressive interpretation of Dadi’s most beautiful works and breathe new life into them. Richard Smith, Martin Taylor, Michel Haumont, Jacques Stotzem, Peter Finger, Muriel Anderson, Albert Lee, Pierre Bensusan several others perform musical and technical highlights from Dadi’s repertoire and show how remarkable, and lively, modern and virtuosic this music still sounds to this day.

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Jacques Stotzem - To Rory

You still don't know his new CD - and LP?


1540Some of you might still not have noticed the new CD and LP(!) of Jacques Stotzem!‘To Rory’ is Belgian guitar virtuoso’s tribute to the late Irish rock guitarist and singer-songwriter Rory Gallagher. ‘To Rory’ is not only a homage to a legendary musician, it also affirms Stotzem’s own place as one of the leading European acoustic guitarists. 

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Jacques Stotzem - all the best of 25 years

 25 Acoustic Music Years - the biography with CD!


Jacques StotzemSeit über vierzig Jahren ist Jacques Stotzem in der Gitarrenszene unterwegs, 25 Jahre davon allein bei Acoustic Music Records.

Grund genug, dem sympathischen Meister des Fingerstyle dieses kleine Buch zu widmen und einem Mann danke zu sagen, der mit seinem sensiblen Gespür für Melodik, seinem spielerischen Temperament und seinem unverkennbar eigenen Sound zu den führenden europäischen Akustikgitarristen gehört.

Die beiliegende Audio-CD zeigt einen Querschnitt durch sein Schaffen von 1991 bis 2015.

Die ersten 100 Besteller erhalten das Buch mit CD von Jacques handsigniert!

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The guitar of Michel Haumont, Vol. 2

Songbook with DVD


8164_mlMichael Haumont’s new songbook contains most of the pieces featured on his CD “Heritage” plus two other works with notes and tablature

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Celtic Guitar Journeys

Remarkable CD by Dylan Fowler, Ian Melrose and Soïg Sibéril


Celtic Guitar Journeys is the new project consisting of three internationally renowned finger style guitarists:  Soïg Sibéril (Bretagne), Dylan Fowler (Wales) und Ian Melrose (Scotland). They celebrate their Celtic roots in a unique music, which draws from different Celtic traditions and other genres.

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Ian Melrose - Swirling Sands

Music from Kühlungsborn



An atmospheric, impressionistic masterpiece, reflecting once again Melrose’s inventive compositional and arrangement skills

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Rhythm Shaw - Opening Act

Fresh steelstring guitar - from India


With youthful jauntiness, the nineteen-year old Indian guitar player with the programmatic name Rhythm Shaw dances along the strings of his steelstring as if there were no musical limits.

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