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Did you get our 2018 catalog yet? If not, then please order it right HERE, free of charge and without obligation to buy. It is chock full of new CDs, scores and DVD workshops, and with even more special guitar accessories.

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The Heart Has Reasons

Michael Fix remastered


Michael Fix

Michael Fix once had this to say about himself: "My music reflects the ups and downs that are part of life." This album is definite proof of that.

The Heart Has Reasons is a highly emotional album and a musical milestone that came at the start of an exciting career in music. His first CD was released in 1996 by ABC Music. In 2004, it was brilliantly remastered. We have now made this version available.

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Résonance - New CD!

Jean-Luc Thievent and Michel Haumont


Jean-Luc Thievent

In Germany, he may only be known to the dyed-in-the-wool cognoscente of the scene. So it's really great that Jean-Luc Thievent, a Frenchman living in Canada, is now introducing himself to a broader audience.

Proof of the recognition that Thievent enjoys in the Francophone guitar scene is the fact that he recorded this album together with Michel Haumont.

Each cut is proof of how well these two men harmonize musically. So all sixteen tracks sound like a relaxed meeting over an espresso, maybe with a snifter or two of Cognac. Calm ballads and waltzes alternate with sassy ragtimes in Marcel Dadi style, or fast pieces performed percussively. Guitar music for the soul!

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New CD by Jacques Stotzem

'The Way To Go'


Jacques Stotzem


With The Way To Go, he has come back to his own abilities as a composer.

The album is a "genuine Stotzem". It's lyrical, even gentle, one could say, but also powerful music. This convivial Belgian artist always imbues his melodic phrases with the highest musical expressiveness. He shows the most incredible instinct for tempos, for dynamics, for ritardando. He holds back modestly and always puts his virtuosity in the service of music. The album features ten wonderful compositions, that is, ten dreamy, almost introspective ballads, played, most expressively, on acoustic guitar.

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