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The 10String Orchestra: Clouds
The new CD by Stephan Bormann and Tom Götze



Should you want to explain the word “harmony” to someone speaking a foreign language, just let them sample the new CD by Tom Götze (double bass) and Stephan Bormann (guitars). 

The two take their listeners to a fascinating and multifaceted musical place, where jazz, world music, classical and pop meet, and they always manage to surprise them and put their own spin on the music. Their own compositions include subtle quotes from melodies that suggest Arab or Spanish music, Latin American beats and jazzy harmonies, into which they weave various rhythms and a host of different musical patterns, thus developing their own, singular musical language. The recording is reinforced by three pieces, one by Phil Collins, by Henry Mancini, and one by Johann Sebastian Bach, on the surface incompatible musical contradictions, but whose clever arrangements make them fit perfectly into the overarching musical concept.  

It’s musical pleasure of the highest order. 

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The Best of Chris Jones & Steve Baker
Damn Good Run


Chris Jones & Steve Baker

The best songs from ten unforgettable years together. Fourteen tunes from four albums. With “Damn Good Run,” Acoustic Music Records pays tribute to the thrilling duo partnership of Chris Jones and Steve Baker.

The guitar icon and the harmonica legend were soul brothers, whose deep friendship and intuitive musical understanding were ended only by Chris Jones’ tragically early death in September 2005. A tribute to two great musicians and their mutual love of music!

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New CD by Michel Haumont and Joël Gombert





They really couldn’t have found a better title for their first joint album. With their “Kaleidoscope,” Michel Haumont and Joël Gombert create scintillating and colorful facets of their music and conjure musical images that you will never tire of.

The light French touch – nonchalant and elegant – of these two fingerstyle guitarists place them in the tradition of Marcel Dadi. They carry on an intimate dialogue of ballads, waltzes, jigs and ragtime pieces from their own pen, a dialogue whose complexity and compositional maturity is evidenced, above all, by the plain fact that it sounds unbelievably light.

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Daniel Murray • 14-37

Brazilian music for solo guitar

Daniel Murray


On his new album, 14-37, guitarist Daniel Murray presents the music that most influenced him between those ages. It contains Brazilian Music only, without any clichés, played with an impressive rhythmic surefootedness and virtuosity.

It features works by Baden Powell, Heitor Villa-Lobos, Guinga, Antônio Carlos Jobim, Paulo Bellinati, among others. And a few own compositions that give the alcum the authentic quality.

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Elixir Strings
2 Sets + 1 Bonus set for the price of 2! Save € 18,50!



Gone is gone! Only as long as stocks last.

2 Sets + 1 Bonus-Set of Elixir's "Phosphor-Bronze Light" (12-53) for the price of 2!

You'll save € 18,50! 

Elixir Strings Acoustic Phosphor Bronze with Nanoweb Coating deliver distinctive phosphor bronze warmth and sparkle together with extended tone life. 

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Places we have been
The new CD by Jacques Stotzem!


Places we have been

Jacques Stotzem has been one of the most popular acoustic guitar players and is a welcome guest performer on the international concert circuit.  His tours often take him through Europe, Asia and Canada. So it's time for a look back. With his new Album, Jacques Stotzem travels to the places he's been to when traveling.

Like a diary or a photo album, his album musically recalls stations, events and situations. Following musical excursions to the world of acoustic rock, which we heard in his earlier CDs, Jacques Stotzem now shares his travels on “Places We Have Been,” a very personal album. It's pure Jacques Stotzem, the kind of musician we would really like to experience.

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Masters of Irish Music

New music book by Konstantin Vassiliev



This book is dedicated to the masters of Irish music. Fiery jigs, lively reels, and lyrical airs are the most important musical forms originating on the green island, and these folk-based themes are also found in most of the works by Ireland’s most famous composers.

All the pieces have been arranged to be accessible for guitarists with about three years of playing experience.

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New CD by Tim Sparks & James Buckley

Jukebox Dreamin' - guitar and double bass

Jukebox Dreamin'

These moments are much too rare: You relax, taking a breath, look back on the past and all that happened, and what has accompanied you all your life.

With his new album, “Jukebox Dreamin'”, steelstring icon Tim Sparks has created precisely such a moment. Together with his congenial partner, double bassist James Buckley, he takes us on a wonderful musical journey down memory lane, or as Sparks puts it, a veritable road trip through an American landscape filled with lonely hearts and dusty jukeboxes, with a trunk full of songs by Paul Simon, Al Green, The Grateful Dead, or John Lennon. And it’s a CD that is not only for long drives in the car.

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Esprit Manouche

Marion & Sobo Band

Marion & Sobo Band


Vocalist Marion Lenfant-Preus and guitarist Alexander Sobocinski and their band shuttle back and forth with fascinating lightness between vocal gypsy jazz and swing, chansons and sonorities from the Balkans. On their most recent album, the Franco-American singer and the Polish gypsy guitarist present their own compositions, chanson-like songs and sensitive arrangements of well-known melodies that they weave into a very special, beguiling world of sound.

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Alberto Lombardi

The Fermi Paradox

Alberto Lombardi

After a quarter-century as a studio musician and producer, Alberto Lombardi has discovered his love for the acoustic guitar and has been transcribing many songs as fingerstyle arrangements.

Using country pickings, he dresses up the songs with a host of surprising harmonic phrasings and captivates the listener from the beginning to the end. His virtuosic and extremely precise technique gives these arrangements admirable lightness. 

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