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The CD by Jacques Stotzem!


These are wonderful melodies, dreamy, even a bit pensive and always a touch melancholic. Jacques Stotzem’s “Handmade” presents euphoniously sophisticated fingerstyle inspired from blues and jazz.

This is an album that will provide pleasure and let you daydream to the last harmony and note.

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Ahmed El-Salamouny: Sketches of Rio

Brazilian Guitar


Ahmed El-Salamouny

In his album, “Rio Rhythms”, Ahmed El-Salamouny, the specialist for Brazilian guitar music, lets listeners experience the magic of Brazil. The seventeen pieces on the CD are an exciting mixture of Brazilian rhythms delivered in a manner that is at times poetic and dreamy and at times highly virtuosic.

It’s musical pleasure of the highest order. 

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Gregor Hilden Organ Trio: Vintage Wax
Available on CD - and on Vinyle!


Gregor Hilden Organ Trio

The late 1950s/early 60s were the golden era of organ trios, when virtuosos such as Jimmy Smith or Larry Young and earthy, blues-based Hammond masters such as Brother Jack McDuff or Big John Patton recorded legendary albums and rocked smoky clubs with guitarists such as Kenny Burrell or Grant Green.

The Gregor Hilden Organ Trio celebrates those times on their vintage instruments – on the present album with original compositions in the old style such as the title song “Vintage Wax”, as well as a classic of the genre, Jimmy McGriff’s “All About My Girl”

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New CD by Evgeni Finkelstein
Russian Masterpieces - Unknown Guitar Music


Evgeni Finkelstein


The album is a tribute to the great masters of Russian guitar music, and Evgeni Finkelstein is surely the one who can best present their work. Some of these compositions haven’t been performed for more than a hundred years and can be heard for the first time on a CD.

Anyone who has experienced or heard Evgeni Finkelstein's unique art of interpreting classical music – whether live or on CD – and his almost unequaled playing skills knows what a musical treat awaits with each new recording from this artist on six strings, who has won prize after prize.

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Sophie Chassée: Lesson Learned
Modern Fingerstyle meets Singer-Songwriter


Sophie Chassée


Guitarist and singer-songwriter Sophie Chassée displays impressive modern fingerstyle technique and has a voice that gets under your skin.

Sophie Chassée's percussive yet melodic guitar performance has a forcible and stirring clarity and virtuosity. The tapestry of delicately and richly nuanced sounds she weaves on her Lakewood serve as a backdrop upon which her beautiful and extraordinary voice unfolds at times with power and intensity, and at other times gently and vulnerably. 

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