Michael Sagmeister


Michael Sagmeister is the leading German jazz guitarist. In the 80s, he was praised as a jazz guitar wunderkind for his outstanding technique, but he has developed an unbelievable depth of expression in the meantime. He has been heard as an acoustic guitarist with a wealth of colorful ideas and animated articulation, an artist who creates rousing spaces and lets the music breathe. His name stands for world-class guitar playing that unites elements of virtuosic bebop and fusion jazz, lyrical acoustic statements and soul and funk titles with a strong groove profile.

His work with various partners in duo are remarkable. In such intimate settings, he can play out his musicality to the full and set high standards as both a soloist and an accompanist. When challenged by the right musical partner, Sagmeister reaches the summit of his art, coaxing a wide range of musical colors from his instrument, creative chords and, naturally, the well-known supple and perfectly constructed solo lines.

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