Ahmed El-Salamouny

For aficionados and connaisseurs of Latin American guitar music, this nylon string virtuoso and graduate of the Salzburg Mozarteum has long been a well known entity, not least because of his professional workshops, his informative score editions, his solo albums and his international concerts. On his Acoustic Music releases until now, the works “Brazilian Guitar” (2000) and “Sketches Of Rio“ (2006), this peripatetic Munich resident of Egyptian origins offers insight into his musical world and presents an extensive panorama of his musical body of experience. His elegant playing does reflect a substantial concern with classical music, while he does not shrink before improvisation. His deep love for the Brazilian musical tradition, on the other hand, reveals itself in the fiery intensity and fascinating rhythms of his playing. Ahmed El-Salamouny does a masterful job combining the joy of playing from Latin America with a great deal of quiet concentration when performing classical works. And he confirms his reputation as a cosmopolitan wanderer and an important instrumentalist amidst traditions and genres.

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