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Pushed over the fingertips with the front tucked under the fingernail, aLaska Piks stay firmly in place and guarantee a natural playing feel. This has made them very popular not only with steelstring players, but also with quite a number of classical guitarists. One of the best examples of the dynamics and precision which can be attained with these picks has to be Canadian guitarist Dave Goodman.

When fitting them for the first time, the picks are bent into the desired form with the help of a nailfile and offer a surprisingly satisfying replacement for the fingernails of the player. Exact instructions for fitting the picks are included in each delivery.

aLaska Piks are available in four sizes. To find out which size you need, lay your finger flat on a piece of paper, draw around the outline and measure the width with a ruler.

< or = 16mm: S#
< or = 18mm: M
< or = 20mm: L
> 20mm: XL

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