The Shin - Tseruli

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The word “shin” is Georgian and means “homeward”. “Tseruli” is the name of the musical accompaniment the remarkable duo “The Shin” has chosen for this spiritual kind of journey home. Tseruli stands for a kind of rhythmic, polyphonic improvisation which has its origin in early Georgian culture. Tseruli takes this tradition into our modern times, adds music from the East, adds music from the West, adds Jazz – the African factor. What we finally hear is world music at its very best, with new details to discover each time while listening. “The Shin” sound new and exciting without any modernism or excessive avant-gardism. They succeed in what many others may only try: to take up the tradition seemlessly without getting stuck with it. So those among us who don’t consider the fading century fit for any musical surprises any more will have to take “Tseruli” as a proof for the fact, that they were definitely wrong!

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recorded: 1999
time: 52:24
Musicians: Zaza Miminoshvili: guitar, voice Zurab J. Gagnidze: bass, guruli vocals

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