Antiquariat - Vida de Carrusel

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A sense of timelessly good crafting? Yes, that, too.

But what really describes this German combo is style and charm. Antiquariat sticks to tradition in the best meaning of the term, between gypsy
swing, chanson and European folk music. In other words, they handle it creatively. The witty own compositions and the rippling, changeable voice of Marion Preus offer new dimensions to the Django Reinhardt instrumentation of the ensemble (violin, two guitars, double bass).

When did we hear this last? Wonderful texts that range from sentimental to saucy – mostly in German, for that matter – that produce captivating music and well-balanced solos, like those of Django or Stéphane Grappelli? And artistry that is both very retro and yet refreshingly new? Not in our time.

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recorded: 2015
time: 65:19

Frank Brempel: violin
José Diaz de León: guitar
Julian Hahn: double bass
Marion Lenfant-Preus: vocal
Alexander Sobocinksi: guitar

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