Florian Poser Brazilian Experience - Questions And Answers

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When the vibraphonist Florian Poser goes into the studio to record a new CD, we can be certain that he not only gathers an excellent group of fellow musicians around himself. In any case, we can also assume that the end result will be first-class jazz. This also applies to Poser's production “Questions and Answers“, which doesn't want to - and can't - conceal its Latin American touch from the first note to the last. It swings in such a relaxed way and with so much Latin verve that the listener would actually like to classify “Questions and Answers“ as a Brazilian formation after hearing it for the first - as well as the second! - time. No wonder - with Helios Alves on the piano and Portinho on the drums, these two Brazilian "cream-of-the-crop jazzers" enrich this album with just the right mellow Latin feeling. Anyone who feels just a spark of sympathy for the Latin American way of life can only avoid “Questions and Answers“ by using blinders - or with the annoying sense of having missed out on an entirely excellent album!

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recorded: 1997
time: 65:01
Musicians: Helio Alves: piano Torben Westergaard: bass Axel Beineke: trumpet Hendrik Meurkens: harmonica, Florian Poser: vibraphone Portinho: drums

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