Gregor Hilden - Blue in Red

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From the technical standpoint, “Blue In Red” is undoubtedly Gregor Hilden’s most animated album. Bouncy, singing guitar lines encounter extremely swinging rhythms. Crispy funk (e.g., in his interpretation of George Benson’s worldwide hit “Breezin’”) is on the CD side by side with full-blown atmospheric ballads and sweeping up-tempo jazz grooves. The CD's special fascination, from the sound and technical angle, are the original compositions. The guest soloists give the pieces their own colors. They include Volker Winck on saxophone, Christian Kappe on trumpet, and pianist Thomas Hufschmidt, professor at Essen’s Folkwang College of Arts. In the cut “Trading Time”, it’s the American guitarist Tom Principato who leaves an especially strong impression. He and Hilden wrote the work in a short period of time and recorded it in a cool jamming manner. The result is a fascinating “guitar duel" during which neither of the two guitar magicians is pushed over the line. Blues slicks are traded in a convivial atmosphere in “Trading Time”. It’s a work that immediately generates a good mood – and it is the impression that spreads throughout the entire album.

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recorded: 2007
time: 54:15

Gregor Hilden: guitar Horst Bergmeyer: grand piano, keyboards Thomas Hufschmidt: grand piano, keyboards Sascha Oeing: bass Christian Kappe: trumpet, flugelhorn Björn Puls: drums Volker Winck: tenor sax special guest: tom Principato

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