Ulli Bögershausen - Christmas Carols (CD)

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New CD from 2012.

Styles may come and go, but good music will weave its ageless magic no matter what the current fad. Ulli Bögershausen is a guitar wizard with a truly remarkable craft at his command.

After more than twentyfive years of performing and recording, the seasoned German guitarist can boast stacks of rhapsodizing concert reviews from newspapers and magazines anywhere between Los Angeles, Bonn, and Taipei. He has held audiences spellbound at intimate rural German venues, and he has left them open-mouthed at guitar festivals in Nashville and in the concert halls of Japan and Taiwan. His playing has been called “breathtaking in its intertwined harmonies and its unfailing timing”, his performances have been considered “as if from a fairy tale”, and his albums have been regarded as models of “sensitive string wizardry” and of “guitar music for the 21st century”.

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Musicians: Ulli Bögershausen: acoustic guitar

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