Finn Olafsson - Music From North Sealand (CD)

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"This album pays tribute to North Sealand – it reflects the inspiration that comes from living in an area so diverse in nature, culture, and history.
Where I live I’m surrounded by nature at its most wonderful: Meadows, fields, bogs, forests, cliffs and beaches full of animal life. No wonder that so many have found this area alluring though the centuries. Even the Danish Kings who built their incredible, almost fairytale-like castles and gardens in this landscape. To me, nature is an inexhaustable source of inspiration – it gives me a physical sense of timelessness. The continual experience of the landscape, the architecture of the ruins and the castles and the monastary of Esrum inspires me to write music that may bring to mind the simple musical form which was used at mediaeval market fairs and at the courts of the Renaissance. I hope this atmosphere comes out on this album.

And when I feel the urge to leave the scenery of nature and history, there is always the market towns, the country fairs, the museums, the little harbour towns, the beaches and the restaurants. This is where you always find people who come to enjoy the delights of North Sealand. Seeing all those happy people is an inspiration in itself."

Finn Olafsson
November 2011



A CD published by Olafssongs Musikforlaget, Græsted, Denmark.


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recorded: 2011

Finn Olafsson: acoustic & electric guitars, voices
Torsten Olafsson: bass, shakuhachi flute, tablas, bass drum
Michael Vogelius Larsen: keyboards & accordeon
Jacob Andersen: percussion
Søren Hammerlund: hurdy gurdy

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