Finn Olafsson - Acoustic Guitar 3 (CD)

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“Acoustic Guitar 3” (Olafssongs OCD 065) is the third album in Finn Olafsson’s “Acoustic Guitar” album series. The album contains 10 acoustic guitar solo guitar compositions by Finn Olafsson himself - and one composition by American composer Leonard Ellis. 

As a composer, and as an acoustic steel string guitar player, Finn Olafsson is known for his special blend of music: It is both very rhythmical and very classical. In some tunes you hear that his professional background in music was rock music - and in other tunes you hear that he grew up with classical music. Parallel with his electric guitar playing he studied classical guitar music- and techniques on his own. Later he transferred these techniques to the steel stringed guitar – playing with steel claws on his right hand fingers – played with that very fine and gentle touch of his.

Explains Finn, “The music on “Acoustic Guitar 3” was composed within a time span from the mid 1980s (Lea), over 1996 (Back in the Old House) and up to now. These two older pieces kind of frame the content of the album. Much of the music was composed in a period of 6 years, from 2007 to 2013, where the illness of my daughter, Maria, was the main thing in my life. We didn’t know how things would turn out for her but we kept up the spirit in the hope that she would survive. For not breaking down, composing and playing the guitar was essential for me. Maria really enjoyed the new music that I played for her - most likely because the music was full of hope. Today, as then, I experience that the music from these years is more hopeful and thoughtful, than sad.”

“In 2015, Une Chanson pour Clavel and Une autre Chanson pour Clavel were written on request for a wine and music book with two audio CDs enclosed. These pieces were composed under inspiration of the red wines of Estelle and Pierre Clavel in Languedoc, France.”.

“Thanks to composer Leonard Ellis for letting me arrange his composition ”The NRB Waltz” for acoustic guitar. Since 2012, this very nice piece of music has been the signature music of American radio program “Nordic Roots and Branches”, hosted by Karen Pauley on KSER, Washington, USA” 

“Acoustic Guitar 3”? For many  years, Finn has recorded quite a few acoustic guitar albums – so, how can this only be the third one, then?

Well, while Finn’s first solo-album “Savannah” was a mixed electric and acoustic album, Finn decided that “Acoustic Guitar” should be an entirely acoustic guitar album. This was somewhat of a step to take, because at that time Finn was mostly known for his electric guitar playing in the progressive rock band Ache. The title was meant to stress that this album was a straight acoustic steel stringed guitar album - only accompanied by the tabla playing of Finn’s brother Torsten Olafsson on a few tracks. In fact, in Denmark, nobody had released such an LP album before.

As it turned out, “Acoustic Guitar” was a success artistically as well as commercially. Lots of aspiring guitarists were inspired by the music and many used, and still use, the guitar tunes to develop their own playing. The fact that the album was published in sheet music form no doubt helps them in their endeavour.

In 2004, the follow up “Acoustic Guitar 2” was released on CD. It coïncided with a re-issued CD version and sheet music book with tablature of the first “Acoustic Guitar” album. 
“Acoustic Guitar 2” was even more concentrated in expression, since the album was recorded strictly solo. In 2006, a music book was published with the 12 new compositions.

A CD published by Olafssongs Musikforlaget, Denmark.


Additional product information

recorded: 2017
time: 47:16

Finn Olafsson: steelstring guitars

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