Finn Olafsson - Acoustic Guitar (CD)

Finn Olafsson - Acoustic Guitar (CD)

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Neuauflage auf CD des Albums "Acoustic Guitar" aus dem Jahre 1980.



"Acoustic Guitar was first released on vinyl in 1980. In more ways than one, this album was a milestone for me: it was the first time I decided to do an all-acoustic recording, and it was my first entirely instrumental solo album.
Expressing myself in this simple fashion, without vocals or electric instruments, made me shift most of my energy from electric to acoustic guitar.
The first ten tracks are from the "old" one [...], apart from ten original tracks, I've recorded four extra ones for this re-release."

Finn Olafsson


EIne CD CD von Olafssongs Musikforlaget, Græsted, Denmark.

Weitere Produktinformationen

aufgenommen: 1980
Spielzeit: 49:20

Finn Olafsson: acoustic guitar
Anders Roland: bouzouki
Torsten Olafsson: tablas

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