Peter Finger - Works II (Download)

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In the second volume of his series, Peter Finger has brought together twelve of his most beautiful compositions created over the years. All are carefully notated in musical notation and tablature with indications of fingerings and style of playing, so as to make them comprehensible to and playable for other players.


  • Prelude
  • Spice Of Life
  • Just Another Day In May
  • Irish Landscapes
  • Abendstimmung
  • Getaway
  • Das fremde Mädchen
  • Fanesca
  • Humoreske
  • Hope And Memory
  • The Blue Horizon
  • Aus, der Traum

Music Score & CD, German / English


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Track Hope And Memory

Selection: Peter Finger - Works II (Download)

Product no. Track Price
DL8139-0001 Fanesca 3.49 € *
DL8139-0002 Just Another Day In May 3.49 € *
DL8139-0003 Abendstimmung 3.49 € *
DL8139-0004 Hope And Memory 3.49 € *
DL8139-0005 Irish Landscapes 3.49 € *
DL8139-0006 The Blue Horizon 3.49 € *
DL8139-0007 Das fremde Mädchen 3.49 € *
DL8139-0008 Spice Of Life 3.49 € *
DL8139-0009 Humoreske 3.49 € *
DL8139-0010 Getaway 3.49 € *
DL8139-0011 Aus der Traum 3.49 € *
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